Five Stars For Reason – Our Horse Hair Jewelry Satisfaction Guarantee

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Five Stars For A Reason - Spirithorse Designs 100% Satisfaction Horse Hair Jewelry Guarantee

Have you ever spent months saving up all of your pennies to buy something you’ve had pinned to your Must Have Pinterest board, and then find out it was a bust? Didn’t work? Made you feel like you were ripped off?

Yea, me too.

After stalking a women’s small business group for about 3 years, I finally took the plunge and became a member last year. Because being a work from home entrepreneur can get lonely!  After seeing the groups supportive nature, their kindness to each other, and the fun they had I felt that we would be a great fit!

So I made the investment to become an official member of the group. And it was an investment. Like buying a nice couch that will last you 20 years investment.

And it was fabulous! Until it wasn’t.

About 8 months later the owner/head cheerleader decided to drop this community she’d built and led for years like a hot potato and go back to a 9 to 5 position, leaving the majority of us feeling like we were on the Titanic.

Not even a “This is What’s Happening” email was sent. Not a peep about a life change.  And I understand life changes and how sometimes you have to make hard decisions. But to not say A WORD to your community about the changes coming? Or right after they happened? No. That was unacceptable to me.

Remember when Rose was freezing her butt off on a piece of iceberg while her love was slowly drifting away from her?

Like Rose, I went from panic to sadness to anger in the space of a second.

When the dust settled, we as a group realized…no more daily posts to motivate us. Very few people were interacting or sharing at all. It was crickets. It was dead. We no longer had a leader who had our backs, no one to guide us or to get us motivated to do the things we have to do as entrepreneurs.

Because some times you need a swift kick in the pants to get things done! And that’s what all of us paid for by becoming a member of this community.

Right then, I knew I would never do that to my clients.

Since the beginning of Spirithorse Designs over 13 years ago, I have never left a client high and dry if they have an issue with anything I create. And I KNOW, this is why I have five star reviews like this:

Custom Horse Hair Photography Mat

It was a bumpy road getting this piece done and correct. But in the end it came out stunning!  My sister was at a loss for words and then cried when I presented her with this master piece. Beautiful job Angela….. it means more than you know to have this piece captured. Thankyou again for doing me right. ~Lynn S.

and this one…

Bonnie Horse Hair Necklace

I couldn’t believe how lovely this was. My mare’s tail was multi-colored and it was braided in a way that really showed off the unique coloring. It was done so well it was obvious that Angela had done this work with love and compassion. Very neat, tight, and pristine! ~Jan O.

But how would you know about this guarantee? You wouldn’t because I didn’t have it posted on the website until last year!

So ICYMI here are…

The in’s and out’s of Spirithorse Designs Horse Hair Jewelry & Art’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

I strive to create each and every piece with love, care and understanding of what it means to you when you are holding it in your hands… because of that, I stand by each and every piece I make, from the intention and love from which they are created, to the thoughtfully sourced high quality materials used.

This is why I offer a 30 Day Limited Warranty + Lifetime Repair Services with each and every item I create.

If you are not whole-heartedly satisfied with your order, please drop me a note within 10 days of receiving it so I can make things right.

If you prefer to return your order with in 10 days of receiving your package – no questions asked – that’s ok too. I only ask that you include a copy of your purchase receipt and once I receive it you will receive a 100% refund. (Returns should be unworn, in the state they were received, with their original packaging.)

If you are ever in need of a repair – let me know! I evaluate the situation by photos and conversations before you even send your jewelry in, so please contact me as soon as you notice a repair is needed.

Any Repairs Within 30 Days of Receipt Are Free.

Any repairs after our 30 day limited warranty will be evaluated and cost will be determined by the repair needed. Please see chart below for details:

Covered under Limited Warranty – Cost, after 30 day Limited Warranty.

  • All beads and findings are intact, but hair needs to be repaired – Cost of shipping
  • Lost beads, charms, ear wires – Small fee for replacement, will vary depending on style of bead/charm + Cost of shipping
  • Broken ear wires, lost clasps, broken or damaged rings – Small fee for replacement, will vary depending on style of bead/charm + Cost of shipping
  • Epoxy breakdown, beads and clasp have moved – Cost of shipping.

Not Covered under Limited Warranty

  • Color changes/tarnishing/color fading of beads or pendants.
  • Abused or damaged items
  • Normal hair breakage from wear (see Jewelry Care for how to repair)

Woohoo! Now you know! And if you ever have any questions never hesitate to get in touch.

Because I respect the life changes that happened for the group leader, and the privacy they need going forward, no, I am not going to share who or what this group is. But I will say, if you are looking to invest in yourself or join a mastermind community, maybe stalk that group a little longer than I did!

Now I’d like to know, tell me in the comments below, what have you purchased lately that wasn’t all it was cracked up to be?

Live Kindly – Love Freely – Ride Always,

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  1. Have jewelry.made by Angela I’ve had for years. First met her and her incredible designs when she was in Keller. Still have most of them, added new ones,and wished for others..she is amazing and talented and sooo far away!!!!!!

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