Shawna R.

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In a matter of two weeks, my oldest daughter lost her horse she was leasing from her friend and then my youngest lost her first English lesson horse.  I wanted to get bracelets made in memory of these special beautiful animals.  I looked around online to find the right place,  I wanted to make sure it was reputable and that the product was backed.  I went with Spirithorse Designs for two reasons.  One, because there were many different bracelet options, and two, because of the guarantee.  When ordering the bracelets (3 total) there were so many personalization options, which was great.  I got two of the same kinds of bracelets that I was concerned that the size and hair might get mixed up, but no, no issues.  My daughter wanted to wear her bracelet for her senior picture photography shoot in the fall.  Angela put a rush on the bracelets so my daughter would have it in time before the leaves fell off the trees.  Every time I reached out to Angela with questions she immediately got back in touch with me.  It didn’t even take one day to get a response.  Some companies take days or might not even respond.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Spirithorse Designs with Angela!!!!  There was never any hesitation ordering from this company.  My two daughters and their friend will have a special part of those horses to always remember them by.  It was so bittersweet to open the box when I received it in the mail.  What an extraordinary thing to have in memory of those special horses.  They were absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much Angela!!!